Megadyne Conveyor belts and Urethane Synchronous Megalinear FC (Food Contact) belts offer FDA material and EU approved certification for use in food processing and food related conveying applications.

Our TPU and PVC belts help insure food materials are successfully conveyed from one stage of processing to the next. To maintain efficient flow of materials and avoid unnecessary downtime leading industry manufacturers have come to depend on Megadyne, a company that understand product handling and food handling applications. From Materials selection to finished belt customization, Megadyne is ready to help.


Megadyne offers a broad range of food approved belt styles and materials to meet today’s food processing needs. If actuation, positioning, segmentation, grading, or product placement is part of your food processing need, we also offer synchronous urethane belts with covers and cleats necessary to ensure accurate handling performance.

There are six major food sectors within the food processing industry employing belting solutions:

  • Bakery, including cookies, crackers, and bread
  • Meat, including pork, beef, and poultry
  • Seafood and fish
  • Agriculture, including fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy and cheese
  • Confections, including chocolate and candy

Within these sectors, belt applications include general flat conveying, water separating, deboning, descaling, loading, forming, slicing, cooling, grading, and inspection.

Food Processing Belts

Megadyne manufactures a number of specialty food processing belts, each ideal for different applications. Our belt offering includes:

  • Megalinear FC Thermoplastic Extruded polyurethane belts — Megalinear FC (food contact) belts are available with hydrolysis-resistant TPU reinforced with Kevlar® or stainless steel cords. This belt in dark blue TPU has good oil and chemical resistance and is available with smooth or surface impression for easy cleaning and bacterial deposits resistance.
  • PVC belts — Our PVC belts are flexible, antistatic, abrasion resistant, and FDA, USDA, and USDA dairy approved. Frequently used in bakery production applications, these belts are also available in a blue antimicrobial variety to prevent bacterial growth in the wet, wash-down environments of meat, fish, and dairy processing.
  • Megapower FC Molded Thermoset Polyurethane belts — Molded polyurethane timing belts are available in antimicrobial and FDA, USDA, and USDA dairy approved materials for slicing, descaling, and deboning applications.
    Mesh polyspiral belts — Our highly permeable polyspiral monofilament screens help facilitate the flow of liquid and air when draining moisture from fruits, vegetables, and cheeses.
  • Edge-capped/encapsulated belts — Encapsulated belts with capped or rolled edge finishes protect high-risk food products such as meat and fish from bacterial contamination while preventing belt edge wear.
  • Wool felt belts — Specialty seamless belts comprised of all wool felt or polyester with a wool felt cover, these belts are ideal for bread and bakery production applications.

Our conveyor belt and thermoplastic urethane timing belts can be fabricated to meet the exact needs of any application. Fabrication options include: Splicing, mechanical fasteners, cleats, guides and sidewalls.