Automotive and tire plants depend on problem free, long-lasting belts to efficiently move component parts like tires and stamped metals from one process station to another, reducing the risk of breakage, downtime and unexpected added expenses.

Megadyne manufactures specialized synchronized and non-synchronized transfer belts specifically designed for use in these industries. Our application-specific products can be used in combination with one another to allow for a more flexible, dynamic approach to solution customization.

Belting Solutions

Below are some of our most popular belting products for the tire and automotive industry:

  • Polyurethane belt ranges — Open-ended belts with customized cords and unique chemical properties.
  • PPJ — Open end Megalinear with easy to install pin joining for multi parallel path conveying.
  • Silicone-free timing belts — Essential in manufacturing environments where parts and chassis will be going through painting processes, these belts ensure no spotting occurs during the final paint job.
  • Specialty fabricated belts — Our specialty products with machined modifications are used in applications such as vacuum conveying and magnetic conveying applications, as well as the transportation of raw rubber stock.
  • Megalinear with non-marking, oil resistant covers for stamped metal parts — Megalinear with our without tracking guides and added covers resist oils and sharp edges from stamped metals.

All of our belting solutions offer the following features:

  • Joined end or truly endless design
  • Abrasion and cut resistance
  • Non-marking features
  • Oil resistance
  • Silicone- and contaminant-free design, as needed

Megadyne belting solutions are used in a wide range of applications within the tire and automotive industry, including:

  • Sheet metal destacking
  • Stamped metal conveying
  • Pic and place Robotics
  • Car chassis assembly and handling
  • Fan systems
  • Painting lines
  • Tire manufacturing and inspection lines