Material handling is commonplace in nearly every manufacturing and retail environment, along with the mass distribution centers recently developed to satisfy the expansion of e-shopping.

At Megadyne, we provide a broad range of belting options for use within this industry segment, ranging from power transmission and synchronous or non-synchronous conveying to specialty belts for product handling applications.


Megadyne works with a wide range of materials and employs state of the art manufacturing processes to deliver reliable solutions for your specific product movement need. Our belts are often used in applications such as:

  • Live roller conveyers
  • Cross sorters
  • Pallet and transport platform conveyors
  • Gapping conveyors
  • Incline conveyors
  • Line conveyors
  • Diverters
  • Offload, sorting and delivery conveyors
  • ASRS systems
Material Handling Belts

Megadyne’s reliable synchronous and non-synchronous conveying solutions ensure safe and efficient transport of your products. For certain roller conveyors where independent belts drive from roller to roller, elastic multi-V belts offer ease of installation and the right tension to assure efficient conveying.

Depending on the specific application, some companies may require their belts to be fire retardant or feature low-noise fabric on the bottom — especially in massive distribution centers running hundreds of belts at high speeds. Our N series belts are flame-retardant, low-noise, and available in an assortment of profiles including rough, smooth, and embossed.

To further control noise levels, Megadyne carries a low-noise whisper fabric X series belt featuring a rigid weave pattern. We also offer rolls of standard green PVC monofilament, called the U series, as well as our L series, which boasts a low profile and various levels of friction for enhanced grip.

In larger distribution centers where synchronous conveying is necessary, we provide high-friction covers for incorporation with our rubber or urethane base timing belts to divert products and feed them on or off conveyors. For ASRS or automatic storage and retrieval systems, we offer high strength steel cords in QST 14, RPP14, MTD14, AT20, and GW 14, as well as high-strength steel urethane flat belts to lift and move products from warehouses to storage facilities.

Megadyne product handling belts can be joined endless or mechanically fastened; we can also add cleats, tracking guides, and sidewalls to most products.