Megadyne manufactures a broad range of synchronous belt products for use in elevating and lift applications.

Designed for various lifting applications, from freight elevators and human lifts to overhead gantries and auto-vehicle movers, belts are available in both rubber or urethane material constructions reinforced with high strength steel cords.

Belt Solutions for Elevators

Megalinear open end extruded belts manufactured from thermoplastic 92A polyurethane, provide superior wear and abrasion resistance.

Their high-strength S and Z parallel zinc steel tension members allow for high breaking load and extremely low elongation.

The high strength steel cords also ensure virtually no stretch. Depending upon the load characteristics of the application, Megadyne can choose from a number of steel cord constructions including our high-power cord (HP) package.

Megadyne’s RPP 14M, QST 14 and GW 14 and GW20 are common choices for high strength lift requirements. In these cases, Megadyne engineers will work closely with you to choose the right belt, tooth design shape and clamping mechanism to meet the exact need of your application.

Another option for elevating and lifting is our open end EPDM rubber, high strength steel reinforced RPP 14 belt. Like our urethane products, this product is clamped on each end and used in linear positioning applications.

Common Applications

Megadyne belting solutions are used in a wide range of vertical-movement — as well as bi-directional movement applications; lift applications are common due to the wide range of steel cord options available from Megadyne.

These, coupled with our ability to produce both urethane and rubber belts, allow us to participate in applications such as:

  • Freight Elevators
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Human Lifts
  • ASRS Systems
  • Palletizing Systems
  • Car Overhead Conveying Systems

Depending on the environment and the loads being moved, Megadyne’s technical staff can help engineer the right belt for your application.