Working in a wide range of industries, Megadyne provides belts for all types of heavy duty applications — including construction and aggregates such as shaker screens, rock and coal crusher equipment, road grinders, as well as hand tools and power tools such as:

  • Concrete Saws
  • Concrete Graters
  • Pipe Clearing Devices
  • Timber Grinders

UniMatch V belts, and Banded V-belts, and high- strength synchronous belts are just a few of the belting types we offer for use in this sector.

Belts for Construction and Heavy Equipment

UniMatch V-belts, , offer a reliable, sturdy power transmission solution for demanding applications of heavy equipment in the construction industry. These friction-drive V-shaped belts provide built-in, controlled slip, easily accommodating pulse loads. V belts can also handle heavy vibrations and varying speeds much more easily than other belt types. V-belts are available with cogs, or notches, to allow for a tighter band radius; unlike uncogged belts, cogged V-belts operate well on smaller pulleys. Raw edges can also incorporated, in which the belt isn’t wrapped in the usual nylon fabric. With a higher coefficient of friction, raw edges allow for enhanced grip and reduced slippage.

Synchronous Belts

Synchronous belts, on the other hand, are ideal for construction and heavy equipment applications that won’t experience heavy vibration and shock loads Megadyne offers synchronous belts in high performance Platinum, Gold, and Silver 2 product lines. Our highly compact, lightweight Platinum belts feature a dual-core hybrid tension cord, allowing for high performance and power, while our cost-efficient Silver 2 is well-suited for applications not requiring extreme high horsepower performance.

In addition to synchronous belts, for small hand tool and power tool applications, Megadyne offers Rubber Multi V Rib belts in J, L and M section as well as urethane Megarib belts in J, H and TB2 section.

Belting Materials

When working with demanding construction equipment and heavy equipment, reliable, high-strength belting materials are key to ensuring reliability and longevity. At Megadyne, we can make use of high-torque and high-horsepower Kevlar, and carbon fiber, as well as high-performance fiberglass, rubber and urethane.