To ensure optimal uptime and high quality production paper and print materials must be handled speedily and efficiently, without waste! — This demands high-quality belts.

Offering a wide range of elastomer options for various paper handling and print needs, Megadyne can provide various substrate options and cover materials to meet specific wear resistance, frictional, and anti-static requirements of your application. Additionally, we can fully customize your belt to obtain maximum performance benefits using our state of the art fabrication facilities.

Belt Modifications

Our team specializes in various modifications, including:

  • Holes and perforations
  • Pockets
  • Slots
  • Grooves
  • Grinding
  • Custom shapes
  • Vacuum countersinks

Knife cuts, diagonal knife cuts, ground profiles, ground grooves, deep grooves, and countersinks with holes can all be achieved to meet unique application needs.


Our paper and print solutions are used across various industries in a range of applications. Below are a few of the most common uses:

  • Banking equipment, including ATMs, card readers, bill and coin changers, and money and check sorters
  • Commercial printing equipment
  • Bindery equipment
  • Mail handling equipment
  • Collating machines
  • Ticketing machines
  • Newspaper equipment

We can create a wide range of solutions for various paper and print applications. For instance, we’ve helped clients create highly long-lasting, wear-resistant belts for mail scanners, as well as automated paperboard feeder belts for the corrugated box industry. For one client, we manufactured high-performance belting for bill validating equipment.

In all of these instances, high belt performance and reliability were key to ensuring operations ran smoothly and efficiently, without the risk of breakdowns or delays. All of our belting solutions can be customized to meet specific applications requirements.

Many clients come to us after experiencing frequent issues or breakdowns with current belting equipment; our team is well-versed in belt troubleshooting, repair, and replacements, and will work with your staff to pinpoint any problems and offer cost-efficient solutions to streamline operations.