Isoran® RPP® Gold is the result of Megadyne’s continued focus on developing high-performance drive systems for every level of performance required. Belt features such as lower weight, quieter running, high torque capability and reduced maintenance costs assure RPP® Gold can be used in a wide range of industrial applications where a super high-torque synchronous drive is required.

Isoran® RPP® Gold Synchronous Belts are specified by pitch length, tooth pitch and belt width in millimeters – Example: 1800-8MG-50

Features & Benefits
  • High-Performance Fiberglass Tensile Cord – Excellent dimensional stability. Higher power capability
  • Hi-Performance Rubber – Increased power capacity; oil and heat resistant
  • Double Nylon Tooth Cover – Graphite impregnated for low friction and long wear
  • RPP® Tooth Profile – RPP (reinforced parabolic profile) – interchangeable with any RPP or HTD pulley
  • Reduced Noise – RPP® is recognized as the quietest system on the market
  • Anti-Static Properties – Conforms to ISO 9563 standard for anti-static properties
  • Compound – Hi-Performance Chloroprene
  • Cord – Hi-Performance Fiberglass
  • Tooth Cover – Double Layer Nylon, Graphite Impregnated
  • Tooth Profile – RPP Parabolic
Technical Info
  • Applications – Where increased efficiency or synchronous operation and higher power capacity than RPP® Silver2 is required. General industry, conveyors, industrial equipment, machine and hand power tools, etc.
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM IP-27 and ISO 13050 standards
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards
  • Special Widths – Can be supplied in any width – available upon request
  • Dual Sided – Upon request, RPP® Gold is available in Dual-Sided construction.
  • 5M Pitch – Upon request, RPP® Gold is available in 5mm pitch construction.