Platinum is an Ultra-High Performance, rubber-based belt. “Dual Core” Hybrid Tensile Cord Technology, combined with a nitrile-based HNBR compound body, results in a product capable of handling the most demanding drives replacing roller chains, gears and Poly Chain®. The “RPC” belt tooth profile is an evolution of the industry standard RPP®.

It is fully interchangeable with HTD®, RPP and Poly Chain pulley tooth profiles. The RPC belt tooth profile allows upgrade of existing drive systems (RPP, HTD, Poly Chain and PowerGrip® GT® 2) without replacing the existing pulleys. Platinum is a true “drop-in” replacement on Ultra-High Performance, deep tooth pulley profiles.

Platinum synchronous belts are specified by pitch length, tooth pitch and width in millimeters – Example: 3500PLT14M65

Features & Benefits
  • RPC Tooth Profile – Compatible with Poly Chain®, RPP®, HTD® and PowerGrip® GT® 2 pulleys
  • Highest Power Capacity – Reduced belt/pulley width means less noise and drive weight, bearing load and cost, with increased efficiency and energy savings
  • Dual Core Hybrid Tensile Cord – Guarantees high power capability and maintenance-free operation
  • Greater Length Range – More available lengths than any competitor
  • Lower Noise – HNBR Rubber based technology is quieter than polyurethane belt
  • High-Temperature Capability – Up to 239°F versus 185°F for polyurethane
  • HNBR Rubber Construction – Better flexibility than polyurethane belts. Important for drives with idlers
  • Compound – HNBR with high resistance to petroleum oils and solvents
  • Tensile Cord – Dual Core Hybrid
  • Tooth Cover – Specially treated nylon fabric to reduce friction and pulley wear
  • Tooth Profile – RPC Parabolic – full interchange with HTD®, RPP and Poly Chain pulleys
Technical Info
  • Applications – Drives requiring maximum efficiency/synchronous operation/highest power capacity. General industry, conveyors, industrial equipment, machine tools, hand power tools, etc.
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM IP-27 and ISO 13050 standard tolerances
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards
  • Special Widths – Can be supplied in any width – available upon request
  • Silicone-Free Packaging – Also available individually packaged – non-stock, made to order