The new Silver2 is an advanced evolution of the original Silver product family producing an increase of load capacity of up to 50% over the previous Silver product. This is due to an innovative fiber reinforced rubber compound giving better tooth strength and permitting more compact drives. Silver2 retains all the previous advantages of interchangeability with deep profile pulley systems.

Isoran® RPP® Silver2 Synchronous Belts are specified by pitch length, tooth pitch and belt width in millimeters – Example: 1800-8MS2-50

Features & Benefits
  • Increased Load – Capacity Up to 50% over previous Silver construction
  • Drive Upgrade – Increases drive capacity with existing pulleys
  • RPP® Tooth Profile – RPP (reinforced parabolic profile) – interchangeable with any RPP or HTD pulley
  • Reduced Noise – RPP® is recognized as quietest system on the market
  • Anti-Static Properties – Conforms to ISO 9563 standard for anti-static properties
  • Compound – Fiber Loaded NBR
  • Cord – Fiberglass
  • Tooth Cover – Nylon
  • Tooth Profile – RPP Parabolic
Technical Info
  • Applications – Drives requiring increased efficiency or synchronous operation and higher power capacity than standard synchronous belts. General industry, conveyors, industrial equipment, machine tools, hand power tools, etc.
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM IP-27 and ISO 13050 standards
  • Special Widths – Can be supplied in any width – available upon request
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards