RPP®-Steel Open-End Synchronous 8M, 14M

This new generation of open-end timing belt is made with a high performance EPDM based rubber compound in an innovative production process allowing it to withstand abrasion, extreme temperatures, and chemically aggressive environments.

Available in 8M and 14M pitches, RPP®-Steel is enhanced with high strength steel cord reinforcement to provide maximum load resistance and is interchangeable with existing drives and pulleys.

Part Nomenclature — LRPP8S-20

L = Open-end belt
RPP = Parabolic tooth profile
8 = 8mm tooth pitch
S = Steel cord
20 = Belt width (20mm)

Features & Benefits
  • High Strength Steel Cord — Guarantees limited elongation compared to fiberglass and aramid
  • Hi-Performance EPDM Compound — Withstands chemically aggressive environments
  • Parabolic Tooth Profile — 8M – Complete interchangeability on RPP® and HTD® pulleys; 14M – complete interchangeability on RPP®, HTD® and Poly Chain®
  • Compound — EPDM based – 89 Shore A
  • Cord — High strength/high modulus steel, S+Z twist
  • Tooth Cover — Nylon Fabric
  • Ground Back — Unlike most competitors, backside of the belt is precision ground for uniform thickness to ensure smooth, vibration-free operation
Technical Info
  • Applications — Heavy Lifting systems, applications requiring limited belt elongation and applications where polyurethane is limited by environmental factors such as noise and temperature
  • Availability — Made-to-Order, Non-Stock
  • Engineering Standards — Conforms to ARPM IP-27 and ISO 13050 standards
  • Recommended Pulleys — Use pulleys made to ARPM/ISO standards