Roller Mill Belts – Single or Double Sided

Roller mill machines are widely used in food-processing industries for various applications such as grinding grains and barley to make bread, flour and beer.

These machines may also be used to produce a variety of powders and chemical products.

Megadyne Double Sided Roller Mill Belts are used in roller mills (food, corn, fruit, rice, flour, etc.) where the backside pulley has a reverse direction and relative slippage is necessary when the rolls are jammed.

Roller Mill Belts, a form of timing belt, is available with either Synchronous (8M, STD8 or 14M) on one side and Poly-V (PV-K or PV-L) on the other, double-sided synchronous or double-sided ribbed (PV-L). The ribbed profile allows functional slippage under jamming conditions and absorbs resulting torque spikes.

Part Nomenclature – Synchronous + PV — RPP2100-14M-24PK

RPP = Tooth profile (synchronous side)
2100 = Belt pitch length (mm)
14M = 14mm tooth pitch (synchronous side)
24PK = 24 ribs, PV-K section (poly-v side)

Part Nomenclature – Dual Sided PV-L — DD825L22

DD = Double sided belt (PV-L both sides)
825 = 82.5 inch Effective Length
L = PV-L, rib pitch (4.7mm/0.092″)
22 = 22 ribs wide