Megadyne Standard Timing belts have fiberglass tension members, chloroprene body with nylon covered teeth and are homogenously bonded together for maximum strength. Standard timing belts are an excellent choice in drives where precise registration is required.

Standard Timing timing belts are specified by pitch length in inches times 10, belt pitch code and a
three-digit belt width code, which is the decimal inch-width multiplied by 100 – Example: 240L075

Features & Benefits
  • Fiberglass Tensile Cord – High dimensional stability and maximum flexibility
  • Chloroprene Belt Body – Heat and ozone resistant; high tooth shear resistance
  • Nylon Tooth Cover – Durability and wear resistance, increased power capacity
  • Compound – Chloroprene
  • Cord – Fiberglass
  • Tooth Cover – Nylon
  • Tooth Profile – Trapezoidal
Technical Info
  • Applications – General Industry or drives requiring premium efficiency or synchronous applications such as business machines, conveyors, index drives, farm equipment, machine tools, hand power tools, floor care machines.
  • Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-24
  • Special Widths – Can be supplied in any width – available upon request
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM standards