Developed for conveyor and transfer lines, specifically for painting systems.

Silicone exposure is prohibited in belts used in paint areas. Megapaint was developed to prevent any chance of silicone to mitigate from the belt. Silicone prevents paint from adhering. Water and solvent-based paint environments require belts that are silicone and contaminant free. Megapaint meets these requirements. Megapaint is manufactured in a silicone-free environment and specially packaged to remain silicone and contaminate-free until ready for use.

Megapaint is available in the entire 8mm pitch length range; minimum order quantities apply.

Isoran® RPP® Megapaint Synchronous Belts are specified by pitch length, tooth pitch and belt width in millimeters – Example: 1600-RPP8M-50PNT

Features & Benefits
  • Silicone & Contaminant Free – Meets criteria set forth by Forschungsinstitut fur Pigments und Lacke e.V. of the Stuttgart University
  • High Purity NBR Compound – Guarantees contaminate-free belt
  • RPP Parabolic Tooth Profile – Complete interchangeability on RPP® and HTD® pulleys
  • Special Packaging – Belts are packaged in special protective packaging to guarantee complete surface purity from manufacture to installation.
  • Compound – Contaminant Free High Purity NBR
  • Cord – Fiberglass
  • Tooth Cover – Nylon, with nitrile based treatment
Technical Info
  • Applications – Applications requiring silicone-free construction. Often used on conveyor and transfer line drives, specifically for painting systems
  • Availability – Various sizes in stock. Contact Megadyne
    Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-27, ISO 13050
  • Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards
  • Special Widths – Can be supplied in any width – available upon request