Open-End Timing

Rubber Open End Belt

Open End synchronous belting is preferred for linear drives, accurate positioning, metering and reversing applications. High load capacity, no maintenance cost, and low noise level make these belts a perfect alternative to chain or cable reverse drives.

Open-End synchronous belting is specified by an “L” for open-end long length, the belt pitch code and the width code (i.e. 025).

Dual Sided Open-End Timing

In the past, chain was the only design option for drives requiring long spans and the capability to drive from either side of the belt. The advantages of Dual Sided Open-End synchronous belts (no lubrication, no retensioning, high-speed capabilities) make such drives more versatile than ever.

Dual Sided Open-End is specified “DL” and followed by a pitch and width code (e.g. DLH075 is Dual Sided 1/2″ pitch, 3/4″ wide). Length is specified in feet. Consult Megadyne for roll lengths. Minimum order quantity is 50 feet. Spliced belts are available on special request. Special constructions and backings are also available.