As conservation throughout the Americas gains popularity, collection centers for glass, metals, plastics and paper have gained popularity from large metropolitan cities to small towns. Within these commercial recycling facilities, conveyor belts move collected items through various sorting stages. Both horizontal and incline conveyors move product high and low around plant operations separating out metals using eddy current systems, magnetic separators, and optical sorters to separate metals, glass, paper and plastic items.

Megadyne Sampla offers a full range of belts that offer cut and wear resistance for a broad range of applications within the recycling industry.


Megadyne offers belting solutions for every need in the recycling industry. Our belts can be found in different recycling applications such as:

  • MRF (Material Recovery Facility)
  • Scrap Recyclers (shredders)
  • Tire
  • Electronics
  • Reverse Vending
Recycling Belts

To meet the conveying needs of these plants, Megadyne maintains a diverse selection of belt offerings and can custom engineer belts to maximize attributes such as abrasion and cut resistance, dimensional stability, low stretch, and more. We also offer specialized fabrication of sidewalls, cleats, guides, and sensor clips, all customizable to meet material and industry requirements.

We specifically recommend the following belts for recycling facilities:

  • Green PVC — U10 – U19 – U20
  • Black Polyurethane — PN20/A
  • Green Polyurethane — PV10/A
  • Clear Polyurethane — P22/A TR – P24/A TR
  • Red Polyurethane – PU 150 C x F Red
  • Woven Endless with Red Natural Rubber Cover and Machined Groove

Heavy rubber, polyurethane, and PVC belts generally perform best in recycling environments. These materials feature strong bonds for resistance to chemicals, oils, and caustic compounds, as well as physical damage from metal and glass.

Rubber belts are hot vulcanized for wear and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane and PVC belts excel in separating applications; these belts feature hot welded cleaner cleats, sidewalls to avoid material spillage and guides to improve tracking.

Heavy rubber:
  • Commingle belts
  • In-feed conveyors
  • Take-away belts
  • General conveying
Polyurethane and PVC:
  • Eddy current conveyors
  • Cross-magnetic separator belts
  • Optical sorters
  • General conveying