In textile and nonwoven production, high-quality, reliable belting solutions are critical for moving materials quickly and efficiently through each step in the process, ensuring consistent quality in all end products.

Belting Solutions
Belting Printing Blankets

At Megadyne, we offer a range of solutions for the textile and nonwoven industry, including the Megadyne Sampla belting printing blanket, one of the most cutting-edge products in the field.

Ensuring high accuracy through the use of sophisticated electronic equipment in raw-material and final-product quality control processes, our customers receive belts with a compact, smooth, and uniform surface. Both the belt cover and interplay are made of rigid polyurethane to ensure the material being worked on doesn’t shift during production.

Megadyne Sampla’s printing blankets offer the following benefits:

  • Extremely tight thickness tolerance
  • Solvent-resistant printing surface
  • Dimensional stability
  • Endless splice
  • Oil, grease, and chemical resistance
  • Ability to repair belt on the machine
  • High resistance to cutting and abrasion
  • Ability to be stored in normal warehousing environment for up to 36 months
Crosslapper Belts

Our cost-efficient crosslapper belts, meanwhile, easily meet strict nonwoven industry requirements, boast excellent release properties, offer quick installation, and require short start-up times. Crosslappers, which accept a lightweight fiber web and then lay the lightweight web in layers, are used to produce heavier webs.

Constructed of high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a chemical-resistant polymer surface coating, Megadyne’s crosslappers are offered in widths of 4 meters, although we can provide narrower sizes as needed.

Megalinear open end belts with clamped ends are also found on the carriage mechanism which indexes the non woven lay.

Below are a few of the main features and benefits of Megadyne Sampla crosslapper belts:

  • Fast material throughput
  • Precise motion control
  • Precision nonwoven laydown
  • Quick changeovers
  • Ability to handle complex jobs
  • High lateral stiffness
  • Resistance to belt folding
  • High longitudinal flexibility
  • Ability to be used with all manmade fibers
  • Long lifespan
Circular Knitting Machines

Megadyne produces TT5 in both steel and Kevlar for circular knit machines.